First Heard of Daur cos of This Golf Belle

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18-year-old golf belle (photo / Zhong Zhi)

Liu Yingxian, who was interviewed, suddenly lowered her voice when she said a word. Her voice was so low that you could hardly hear it.

"I don't think I'm qualified enough to call myself golf belle. "

However, when the 18-year-old girl, who is 1.74 meters tall, slender and beautiful, appeared at the Hangzhou International Golf Championship, she still amazed the whole China Tour and garnered numerous admiring eyes.

Liu Yingxian played Hangzhou International Championship (photo / Zhong Zhi)

Even Li Hong, the managing director of CLPGA, stopped and looked at Liu Yingxian on the driving green. "Eh, this little girl? Oh! It's her..."

The eye-catching girl also has a more striking label - Daur girl!

Daur? People may feel it unfamiliar. But when it comes to Khitan, the ancestor of this nation, many people will be shocked by it. In history, the Khitan people once flourished in northern China with abundant water and grass and valiant cavalry. Till today, China is still called "Khitan" in some West Asian countries. Even Cathay Pacific Airways, which we are familiar with, is not only a homonym of Khitan, but also an elegant name of China.

Liu Yingxian in Daur Costume

Today's Daur people are the descendants of the Khitans a thousand years later. Among the Daur people with a total population of more than 130000, Liu Yingxian is the only golfer who is engaged in professional training.

"I was the first Daur in international golf course, I especially hope to bring some distinctive features of our nation to the world stage through my own efforts." Liu Yingxian said. Although Daur script has been lost, she has a sweet Daur Name: Handa.

Liu Yingxian's father is Han and her mother is Daur. Since her parents run a lawn company, Liu Yingxian was no stranger to the green golf course from an early age. She was introduced to golf at the age of 6 when her mother took her to a driving range.

Liu Yingxian's slow swing

As little Handa's interest in golf grew, when she was 12 years old, her mother found a British coach for her and began to learn golf systematically at Beihu No. 9 in Beijing. In order to test the results, Liu took part in a youth competition held by Capital Link Sports and won the championship the first time!

"I remember that the day was really hot, the temperature was 40℃. My mother was worried that I couldn't hold on, but I hit birdie in the first six holes, and she cried excitedly at that time." Liu Yingxian recalled, "in the end, I tied with a girl, and we hit extra hole. Both of us played eight strokes in the first hole because we were too nervous. In the second hole, she hit bogey, and I hit par and won.

"I have won the first time, I think I'll be afraid of nothing when I play golf."

Liu Yingxian in AJGA Arena

But later, Liu Yingxian still encountered difficulties. When she was in high school, she came to IMG college in Florida to study golf. Due to her unsatisfactory performance in golf and the difficulty in balancing her schoolwork and golf learning, she once wavered.

"When I was about to go to Grade 11 from Grade 10, I hit more than 80 strokes in every round, which made me have no confidence in playing golf. I thought golf was so difficult. I remember going back to the hotel and saying to my mother", Why don't we just stop golfing? Let's concentrate on my school work and try to get into a good university", Liu Yingxian said, "Golf broke me down, but even if I cry, my mother will always encourage me and gradually make me realize my love for golf again. And then there followed a AJGA Open Tournament in summer vocation of Grade 10, and I won the second place”.

“One of the characteristics of Daur people”, Liu Yingxian said, “is their bravery and adeptness in fighting”. Perhaps it is the blood flowing in her body that enables her to overcome the difficulties on the road of growth again and again, and have the courage to prove herself.”

Liu Liu Yingxian at Guanyun Course in Moganshan, Hangzhou (photo / Zhong Zhi)

"I remember that in 2016, I played a match with a girl who played very well in China. In Hainan, I hit more than 100 strokes at that time, withdrew the next day. I remember the game very well. Two years later, in the 2018 National Youth Championship, I hit five birdie in the last five holes, hit a negative 71, and won the second place, and the first place went to that girl", Liu Yingxian said, "she was very surprised, and said why you played more than 100 strokes a few years ago and came back so powerful in a flash. I feel like I have worked hard last few years".

“Maybe it is because we are nomadic nation, and like to fight on horseback. So I think I'm basically a person who will not give up easily when I meet anything".

Last year in Orlando, Liu Yingxian won the first WAGR championship since she came to the United States. So far, she has finished the top ten in several tournaments. Liu Yingxian revealed that as early as a few years ago, a university had begun to contact her, and she also had her dream university .

Liu Yingxian appears in the professional competition with wild card

"I can’t say yet, and my mother doesn't know exactly what college it is. I'm quite sure I can get in. The NCAA of that school is also very good, and it's Division I".

But anyway, Liu plans to finish her U.S. college education, rather than drop out early in order to become a professional player like many of her compatriots, “I will definitely finish my four-year study. I don't think it's bad to read more books, and I have to get a diploma”. What career will she choose if she don’t play professional golf? The girl's answer is even more “amazing”, “I may do some political related career, I'm very interested in politics”.

"I will enter NCAA next year." Said Liu Yingxian. (photo / Zhong Zhi)

Liu Yingxian is one of the six amateur players in the Hangzhou International Championship. Prior to this tournament, she also participated in the Shuangshan challenge of CLPGA and successfully promoted. “For me, entering the professional competition, is definitely a chance to learn”. Liu Yingxian, who turned 18 a month ago, said, "no matter how I play, I can at least see those professional players in the driving range and putting green to see how they practice."

“I think there is still a big gap between my experience and that of a professional player. For example, I always think less about downhill cut. I want to cut directly in front of the flag, but I didn't expect that there was a big downhill under the flagpole, and the ball rolled down. If it's a professional player, he'll think about it for 5 seconds more, whether to choose putting or not. That's the big difference between me and the professional player. I think too little of it”.

Liu Yingxian played Hangzhou International Championship (photo / Zhong Zhi)

Hangzhou International Championship is the world's first individual stroke play in which men and women compete for the championship. In Liu Yingxian's heart, the only golf idol is a male player. That's - Dustin Johnson. Like every 18-year-old girl, when it comes to idols, though always being reserved, she will be immersed in the romance of teenage girl suddenly.

“He's so handsome, and he drives so far. Once I met him in person, but I was too nervous to communicate and take photos”, She said, “this year, DJ directly soared to No.1 in the world. I thought he would win several more championships, but the news broke that he was infected with COVID-19. I remember that day, I was in a bad mood...”

Handa, whose swing is as beautiful as her appearance (photo / Zhong Zhi)

Liu yingxian’ tee-off distance of driver flying is between 240 and 250 yards. Like her future, there is still room for improvement. However, as bashful as the article describes at the beginning, the 18-year-old girl does not want use her figure or long legs as the most striking label of her golf career. “Paige is really beautiful. But not every girl who plays golf is like that. And I want to be a professional player”.

“I just don't think I'm as good as that. I wouldn't call myself a golf belle”.◈